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Important Update

The Big Culture Project is hugely disappointed to announce that it will be postponing its month-long festival of arts in Brighton until 2021. Please read the full press release here: 

Press release

The Big Culture Project: Postponed Until 2021

The Big Culture Project: The Curtain Will Rise Again

For immediate release:

The Big Culture Project is hugely disappointed to announce that it will be postponing its month-long festival of arts in Brighton until 2021.

Originally scheduled to take place at Black Rock later this month, in close consultation with the council as well as festival sponsors, partners and promoters, the organisers have taken the difficult decision to reschedule the celebration until spring next year.

[Co-founder] of The Big Culture Project, John Castrillon said:

“Due to the rapidly changing situation across the country and abroad with regard to COVID-19, there are restrictions being implemented over night. This is making scheduling for August extremely difficult with such a fast changing landscape. It has become clear to the team, sponsors, companies and performers that the best way we can support the arts and events industries, as well as being sure we can adhere to government ever changing guidance, is to come back even bigger and better next year.

The Big Culture Project is so grateful for the support it has received and remains committed to supporting the individuals and arts organisations that make this region great. Keep an eye on our social media for further announcements.”

Councillor Marianna Ebel, joint chair of the Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture Committee, said:

“We have been very pleased to work with the Big Culture project in the last few weeks to try to ensure an open-air event can take place in the city to support the arts and culture industry locally. 

“Sadly, it has not been possible for this event to move forward in August 2020. However, we will continue to work with the team to explore how the event can take place in coming weeks and months. 

“We do need to make sure we deliver the Black Rock project urgently, so that events can take place there once the works are complete.  We will also have a wider conversation in the city and amongst councillors to help shape the long-term future for this important seafront site.

Promoters, Komedia said:

“Komedia is in full support of The Big Culture Project and its mission to provide a platform and funding to the local arts scene and independent venues like ourselves, who due to the corona crisis find their existence in grave jeopardy.”

 Anyone who has supported the initiative’s Crowdfunder campaign will automatically be offered a refund. For those who are still keen to support the vision, donations will be used to put on the rescheduled event next year.

For more information please contact John Castrillon – 07749 310992


The event is now scheduled for Spring 2021 – to find our more about The Big Culture Project please read on.

Back artists. Back musicians. Back venues. Back Brighton. Back #BigCultureProject

The Big Culture Project

The Project

One of the biggest collaborative arts events Brighton and Hove will ever have seen is on a mission to bring culture back to the city. The month-long celebration of music, film, dance and performing arts will be landing at Black Rock, bringing a much-needed boost to industries fighting their way out of the current crisis, and an even bigger boost to the arts-loving people of this city. 

With huge amounts of uncertainty remaining in the wake of COVID-19, the UK’s Arts scene is facing its biggest existential threat since WWII, with many venues and companies facing imminent closure without immediate financial support. 

Here at The Big Culture Project, we’re determined to do something positive for the industry that has given this city so much. That’s why we’re bringing together some of the region’s biggest cultural brains, to lead Brighton through this crisis by preserving what we are renowned for globally… CULTURE. 

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and soul of its people” – Mahatma Gandhi

event organisers, promoters, contractors and suppliers
days of events
% of the net ticket revenue will go directly to the relevant promoters, artists and venues hosting each show
% of remaining ticket sales will go to local venues and arts charities. 100% not for profit

Support our City's Culture

The Campaign

To ensure the project can be realised in such a short space of time and give Brighton the summer it deserves, BCP has launched a Crowdfunder campaign, which will enable the initiative to go ahead. Put on by a consortium of 90 of Brighton’s best event organisers, promoters, contractors and suppliers the wealth of experience behind the event will ensure it’s completely brilliant, as well as socially responsible, adhering to all the latest guidelines on public events.  

Watch the video, or hit the button below to go directly to our Crowdfunder.

The big culture project crowd funder
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The Event


The Big Culture Project, which has already received the green light from the City Council as well as police and site developers, will take place across 28 days, towards the end of the summer, using a purpose-built, outdoor event space, following all the latest guidelines on social distancing.

As well as big-named musicians, comics and performers, expect all the street food, craft beers and artisan gins that have been missing from 2020, delivered directly to your seat via a cashless table service.  


The project is not for profit and will give immediate financial support to the arts and the events industry in the Brighton region. 70% of the net ticket revenue will go directly to the relevant promoters, artists and venues hosting each show,  with the remaining 30% being distributed to local venues and arts charities.

And if we raise more than expected, excess funds will be donated to smaller organisations involved to help them put on their shows. If the project comes in under budget and the shows can’t go ahead we will still donate the funds raised to South East based arts venues and at-risk organisations.


As a city, we are home to hundreds of events—spanning music, theatre, dance, comedy, literature, spoken word, visual arts, film, digital, community and participatory events. The arts and events industry make Brighton the vibrant, exciting place to live and work in we all love.

The lockdown measures that came into effect late March 2020 forced the arts, events and hospitality industry—which employs thousands of local people and brings millions of pounds in annual revenue to the city—to close its doors to the public.


We are 90 events organisers, promoters, contractors and suppliers who have come together during these unprecedented times to ensure a future where artistic businesses and events thrive again. As a consortium we have a wealth of experience and equipment to run this project. 

With big names such as Komedia, Brighton Festival, Fabrica, Brighton Dome, C3, Whisky Bravo, Brighton Fringe, Hybred Consultancy and many more – this is one of the biggest collaborative arts events that Brighton has ever seen.


If you’re missing the music, the theatre, the dance, the comedy, the visual arts and the film which makes this city, help support The Big Culture Project.


Partners & Sponsors

Brighton is an enduring UK symbol of inventiveness.  As a consortium we have a wealth of experience and equipment to run this project. 

Brighton and Hove City Council as well as the Arts Council England are supporting this project.

Got a Question?

The project has the full endorsement of Brighton City Council, police and site developers. It has received an overwhelming amount of support from the arts community across the region.  

If we do not meet our target, or the project does not go ahead, you can get your money back or you can choose to support South East based arts through your pledge. You will be sent a message from our team outlining both options for you to pick between.  

The time to act is NOW before many arts companies and venues shut their doors permanently. We invite you to join us in this campaign and support the arts in the South East. If we can raise the funds, we can go ahead and support the arts!

We are creating an outdoor theatre venue at Black Rock. For four weeks (from mid August to mid September) the BCP will showcase Music, Dance, Theatre, Comedy and Film screenings alongside street food and beach bars presented by local promoters, producers and operators.


For everyone! 

We believe in the transformative power of arts and culture and believe this project can help keep many artists, companies and venues afloat over the near future. For Brighton and Hove residents and visitors the BCP will bring back music, theatre, dance, comedy, visual art and film to the city. 

All risk assessments are written taking into account the current Covid-19 threat level and the R rating. Using the most recent and relevant guidance regarding public health the risk assessments will look at:

Social distancing. The layout of the venue, ingress and egress, movement around the venue

Cleansing and sanitising

Customer Safety

Staff health and hygiene

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As and when the Covid-19 threat level and the R rating change the risk assessments will be revised.

If the threat level and R rating drop then the venue will be re-assessed to enable more people to use the space, if it increases then the events may be put on hold.

When government guidance changes regarding social distancing or PPE this will also be taken into account.

As lockdown measures ease, many are struggling to recover, or may never recover from the financial losses brought on by the extended period of closure. While restaurants and pubs have been allowed to reopen, the performing arts continues to operate in a climate of uncertainty, with a return to normal nowhere in sight. We are facing mass loss of jobs across the arts and events industries. 

We aim to deliver a 600 capacity venue spread over 100 socially distanced tables of 2,4 and 6 for audience members to share the experience with loved ones. We have bike racks, food, and beverage table service in a safe and socially distanced venue.

Once we’ve raised the funds necessary to create this vital space for the arts, it will run much like the festivals you know and love, with tickets, shows, food, drinks, and vitally- a carefully thought out social distancing plan aimed at to allow you full enjoyment, safely.


The Event Producers Independent Committee created in Brighton during the COVID-19 emergency.

We are 90 events organisers, promoters, contractors and suppliers who have come together during these unprecedented times.

Together we aim to develop ways for the events industry and the wider community to help one another through this time, ensuring a future where businesses and events thrive again.

We are looking for: Live performances, recorded performances and films. We are also looking for stage work that will be suitable for a young audience. We encourage all to apply  – you can do so here:

Please help spread the word . Join our social media campaign and help increase awareness. Please donate if you can.  Your donation, WHATEVER size, can make a difference to the future of the arts and events in our region, whether it’s £1 or £1000! Any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated and put to very good use.